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a clash of kings

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We came into this world together, Uncle. He would not go without me… ”


1.02 | sacramentum gladiatorum


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um how dare my hugs not be on here I am offended

#15 says hugs but what it really means is sara’s hugs


[on if she get fed up with being asked how she handles motherhood and her career]

That question is only directed toward women: “How do you have it all?” I think we live in a world where there’s still not equal pay for equal work. I still don’t understand how in 2014 why that’s not the case. I’m not necessarily talking about the industry in which we work. It’s every industry. I think the things that have been said about women not only in African countries but also the English-speaking world is absolutely appalling. I think sometimes we’re back in the Middle Ages. But I’m an actress at a film festival. I can cope with those questions, but it’s still surprising that we’re still asking those questions.


Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear F/W 2013.


To Kill a King: A Hamlet Mix

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Cover by Samantha Mash; Tracklist by morevnaa

It’s showtime.


Battlestar Galactica premiered 10 years ago | 18.10.2004


Stella MacCartney | Resort 2014